Corporate Art

Copenhagen Metro project

Have the company's unique identity carried out in an artistic portrait.

All companies have their own very special identity, via their products, services, values, missions etc.

  • What is unique and special about your company?
  • What story would you like to tell?

Corporate Art can contribute to making visible and creating a new subjective experience of a company - which can increase and strengthen the company's identity and profile, in a positive identification - both internally and externally.

The starting point is as follows:

• Internal values / Culture
• Goals / Vision / Mission
• External values / Profile / History
• Product / Service
• Communication
• Architecture / Furnishing / Visual Identity

I offer, in collaboration with you, to create an artistic portrait of your company, which can be used for presentation, marketing, internal development or as a unique and personal decoration.
Concept and idea by Sofia Talulah
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Eksamples of Corporate Art:

Corporate Art for Mærsk
Corporate Art for London´s Tube
Corporate Art for DSB, sold project