Artist Sofia Talulah

Sofia Talulah Svensson, born 1973 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She currently lives in Nykøbing Falster where she has her artistic work and studio. 

Iconography is a religious art form or craft that has had a significant impact on human history and spirituality for thousands of years. It continues to influence art today and can help spread messages throughout society through beautiful representations of ideas like love, hope and compassion.

Icons help connect people through shared values and traditions, no matter where you live on this planet or what religion you follow.

Sofia Talulah has exhibited in many places in Denmark and around the world, including the Danish Cultural Institute in Brussels, Kings Street Gallery in Amsterdam, Eskilstuna Museum in Sweden, Politikens Hus and Egmont Art Association, etc.

In Sofia Talulah's picture universe, it's about opening your eyes and discovering the world anew. She describes herself as a colorful girl with an inner desire and urge to convey what we easily overlook or take for granted. In her works, she illuminates places from new angles in fragmented snapshots, where characteristic details come into focus.



  • Psycotheraphist from ID-akademiet v/Ole Vadum Dahl - 2013
  • Healer v/Marianne Lane - 2019
  • Energiformidler v/Chalotte Holm - 2016
  • 1 year Pranahealer from Olami University, Damanhur, Italien - 2009
  • 3 year Mystery School from Olami University, Damanhur, Italien - 2008
  • Graphic Designer, Seminar for Design - 2002.


  • ACAVA, London UK - 2002
  • European Institute of Design, Rome Italy - 2000
  • Legalizer / General G / PRESS v / Leo Scherfig - 2000

Art course

  • ArtLab - 2004
  • School of Visual Arts - 1999
  • The School for Creative Development - 1999

Selected exhibitions

  • Pilgrimshuset i Maribo
  • Gallery Lolland
  • Gallery Gare Du Nord
  • Gallery Art NovaPA´int Art Union - PA Consulting GroupEspergærde Library
  • Egmont Art Union
  • Lindpro A/S Art Union
  • IBOS Art Union
  • Artville - Tappehallerne
  • House of Politics (AM)
  • Gallery Rat Race
  • The Danish Culture Institute, Bruxelles (AM)
  • Insurance House
  • Gallery CRAZY
  • Ridehuset-Århus (AM)
  • 1001 Art Money, Øksenhallen
  • Telia Art Union
  • Eskilstuna Museum - Sweden
  • DSB Art Union
  • KISS Technology
  • Bates/Red Cell and Advance Art Union
  • Gallery 2020Visions
  • Femina Lifestyle Fair
  • Art By Heart
  • Kings Street Gallery, Amsterdam
  • Gallery Amar´
  • Gallery Brown Eyes
  • Ørestadsselskabet's
  • Gallery Bomhuset

Customers include

  • Nordea Art Union
  • Cosmo Film
  • DSB Art Union
  • Telia Art Union


  • Go-Card 2007
  • Newbiecard
  • Where to Go

Winder of Grenes Art Prize - 2007