Pilgrim House in Maribo


Alcyone Art Gallery

Alcyone offers prints on demand of artistic icons and you will also find unique icons here.
I also offer holding exhibitions with original works of art.

Satisfied customers?

Thanks to Andrea Isabel Mari for the nice review / feedback on an icon bought in my webshop. The icon with programmed energy in represents the Virgin Mary and is printed on wood in size 30x40 cm.

"Then I hung up the beautiful icon from Alcyone and I know that I will often sit on a chair nearby and enjoy the mild, gentle and yet powerful energy that flows from the icon. I think that the picture seems 3-dimensional as if Maria is actually present in my new dance room. It is quite magical and powerful. And I can really agree that there is energy embedded in these icons. Probably difficult to understand, but it must be experienced. . and I am very happy and grateful for it Kh Andrea Isabel Marí "

Healing Art

Healing Art is icon-like paintings by well-known religious figures such as Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. In it, the person's energy is programmed into the artwork itself, so that the artwork also serves as an energy tool for healing and inspiration.

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