Corporate art - what is it?

Why choose Business Art?

Alcyone v/Sofia Talulah has created a concept for Corporate Art where an artistic portrait is created from the outside of the company's identity such as; specific products, services or the architecture. The brand is often included in the art, such as the logo and the company's colors.

And corporate art Project is a natural extension of a company's branding efforts. Many companies create art to communicate with customers, the public and business partners. They use art to express their values and promote their products.

The most obvious use of Corporate Art is to promote your company's image. All Corporate Art is designed to represent the company's values and identity. For example, many companies have hired a professional artist to create their art.

Personalized corporate art highlights and promotes your company's core values through beautiful artwork created by a professional artist.

The final works of art can be used as decoration in e.g. reception or in meeting rooms. Furthermore, it can be incorporated on merchandise products such as e.g. mugs, postcards and posters, - as personal gifts.

Imagine your company's core values or services and products being produced in an artistic execution. Imagine that the artistic performance hangs in your reception as the first thing all your guests and employees see when they walk in the door. That the logo is included in the artwork, the colors and your entire brand is displayed in something so personal and full of expression in the middle of the wall.

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