Stjernen Alcyone

Written by Alana Fairchild

Cosmic Priestess Alcyone manifests her spiritual radiance connecting us at a soul level with our stellar family of the Pleiades. Her light stimulates the throat chakra and activates our capacity for synthesis. In response, the soul stirs with desire for creative integration, to take all the pieces of our life’s journey and learning, to manifest something beautiful, coherent, and deeply fulfilling.

Such spiritual synthesis occurs through the patient art of distillation and integration, uniting different elements into a seamless new expression, while preserving the original qualities of the individual elements. Once we explore this within, we can share this capacity with the world. This becomes a consciousness of creativity that nourishes community while maintaining individuality.

Many souls recognise the beauty of individual threads – of expression, creativity and experience – and yearn to weave them together into something uniquely our own. The Pleiades has a special soul relationship with those who want to successfully blend their creativity, spiritual practices and life experiences into a unified higher expression.

The light of the Pleiades connects us to our inner feminine wisdom and knowing, and our throat chakra helps us to act with discernment on our path to attaining manifestation. Especially for those of us wanting to incorporate a number of different elements, experiences, and soul gifts, whilst honouring the original integrity of each facet our being, extending a hand to this star constellation can be very useful indeed. In doing so, we collaborate in harmony with the Universe and witness evidence of our unique essence claiming a place in the world more rapidly.

To connect with Pleiades is to connect with our authentic truths. The conditioning of society teaches us inadvertently, and sometimes advertently, to not trust in ourselves and what we know to be true at an instinctual and intuitive soul level. We are taught to turn away from our hearts, and to second guess ourselves by reverting to the workings of our mind. The mind has its place, but it’s not meant to take precedence over the truths of the heart. They are meant to meet each other equally and harmoniously, synergistically. And when the mind and the heart make peace with each other, learn to work with each other and not try to make one into another, a third child can be born. That child holds the golden key to what was once obscured through the veils of rigidity. It unlocks a door to an evolutionary turning point, but the catch is that something needs to be sacrificed, and what that is, is the belief that the opinions of others hold more weight than the depths of your heart and the wisdom it wishes to express in this lifetime.

We are connected to the way of the feminine, the knowing that is not subject to logic, but not irrational, either. It requires us to let go of deductive reasoning and the mind, at least for a moment, and to allow ourselves the opportunity to dream dreams that don’t make sense. This is a calling to unleash the courageous dreamer in you that dares to venture where others have not explored, to push logic to the side, and embrace illogical truths.

What makes sense to you doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. Your dreams are your truths and were carefully crafted by divine design and deserve to have not only a seat in your reality, but a throne on which to let your creativity reign.

ALCYONE IS A BLUE-WHITE GIANT and the brightest star in the constellation of the Pleiades. Over the ages, the Pleiades cluster has been spiritually significant to many cultures including the Australian Aborigines and the Lakota of North America. Some cultures, such as the Hopi, Cherokee and Mayans, shared the belief that their ancestors heralded from the Pleiades. Others, such as the ancient Egyptians, revered them as cosmic midwives who helped to birth a higher consciousness on Earth. In Greek mythology, the Pleiades embodied many faces of the sacred feminine and honoured them as muses, priestesses, mothers, lovers, and midwives.”

Humanity has marked the passage of the Pleiades for thousands of years, acknowledging the special relationship between these stars and the earth. Many star seeds feel a meaningful connection to the Pleiades and sense that part of their soul journey involved some sort of spiritual evolution through that star system where they soaked in the energies of love and feminine wisdom.

The Pleiades is significant for the soul as it demonstrates the art of spiritual synergy through conscious, high-level collaborations that allow for greater manifestation for all. Our souls can take this in and learn to re-enact it. This may mean effectively working with others for the advantage of the collaborators and the benefit of those who use the sacred creations that come from the collaboration. It can also mean learning to integrate disparate aspects of our lives and harmonising different energies to support and nurture each other.


“The Pleiades is significant for the soul as it demonstrates the art of spiritual synergy through conscious, high-level collaborations that allow for greater manifestation for all…” 


Alcyone is the central star of the Pleiades and is in Taurus, the astrological ruler of the throat. The Western mystery traditions view the Pleiades as the cosmic throat chakra and the supreme paragon of synthesis. Synthesis is the art of integration. It unites different elements into a seamless new expression. The trick with synthesis is preserving the original qualities of the individual elements. Otherwise, it can be like mixing different coloured paint together and ending up with brown goo and no sense of what has gone into creating it. It is not a particularly appealing outcome either. An example of a successful synthesis could be a superb meal, where the flavours combine and enhance each other, but the individual elements are still smelled and tasted. Nothing stands out in an overpowering way, nothing is overwhelmed by anything else, and no component is lost either.

“Synthesis is the art of integration…”  

Synthesis is a soul art that requires spiritual intelligence and the creative integration of diversity and unity. It helps us reconcile the disparate parts of our being and our lives to bring a feeling of wholeness into place. Instead of feeling pulled in different directions by work, relationships, children and our need for a healthy lifestyle, synthesis allows these elements to become seamless parts of our person and our life. Through synthesis, our inner and outer aspects don’t compete, they complement each other.
We can develop this talent with the help of the Pleiades. It utilises the throat chakra, the centre through which we discern. It is also where we create sound, the spiritual basis of manifestation. The throat chakra is an organising and prioritising aspect of our energy field, and the same goes for the throat chakras of massive cosmic beings. Including one huge enough to have an entire constellation—such as the Pleiades—as its throat chakra.
The Pleiades has a special soul relationship with those who want to successfully blend modalities (or cuisines!) or who have a life purpose that involves creativity and higher expression.
This often manifests through integrating a range of disciplines such as music, philosophy, shamanism and crystal healing or science, medicine and art.
We can begin to strengthen the throat chakra by noticing what we think and what we speak and making choices that align with our integrity. That can start by ditching the thoughts that induce feelings of stress and being pulled in multiple directions and cultivating the idea that all parts of our lives are interwoven and can enhance each other. We can learn to live in a way that is more balanced and more honouring.

“Cultivating the idea that all parts of our lives are interwoven…”  

Alcyone is the stellar bearer of the feminine energy. She is the cosmic priestess connecting us to the Pleiadean light and our own inner feminine knowing. Feminine knowing, in men and in women, is the intuitive, instinctual sense of truth and wisdom which is not subject to logic. It is not irrational but grounded in an authentic connection to reality. It is non-rational as one doesn’t need to go through steps of deductive reasoning to get to it. Alcyone helps us connect to that feminine wisdom, supporting and encouraging us to speak our truth, whether it seems logical or not. Some of the greatest insights we can have may seem to make no sense at the time but be revealed as extraordinary wisdom later.

“Connect to feminine wisdom, supporting and encouraging us to speak our truth, whether it seems logical or not…”

The cosmic priestess is an old soul who works with the star energies of the cosmos for greater wisdom, light and healing. She supports the spiritual growth of the soul like a skilful gardener who supports the natural life process of a plant, from seed to sprout to flower and so on.

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